Chambers of Rosita Fernandes, Advocates (CRF) is recognized as one of the region’s most trusted and respected law firms. The CRF Team is comprised of individual advocates, administration and staff members who combine their unique strengths to deliver quality legal services to the client. Led and mentored by Rosita Fernandes, CRF's interdisciplinary practice group is composed of insightful and resourceful advocates who work with leading clients across all sectors, providing a cross-practice spectrum of quality legal services. 

CRF spares no measure to provide to its clients the most knowledgeable, skilled, accomplished and respected advocates, personalized service that is catered to the clients' unique needs and priorities, meticulous communication with the clients, the benefit of being regularly informed and updated about their case status and strict adherence to each client's billing guidelines. The success of CRF is attributable to the satisfaction of the clients, its solution-oriented approach to address client's legal issues and its zealously guarded reputation to put service before traditional remuneration concerns.


B'Sc.(Hons), LL.B. Admitted to the Bar in 2001

Rosita Fernandes completed her graduation from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai with the B'Sc.(Hons) degree. She obtained the law degree from the Government Law College, Mumbai and was enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa in 2001. She is also the member of the Family Court Bar Association, Mumbai. She began practice as an advocate with the reputed firm M/s. Haresh Jagtiani and Associates. Under the tutelage of renowned Senior Advocate Mr. Haresh Jagtiani, she developed deep expertise in litigation and in 2006 established her own firm, The Chambers of Rosita Fernandes, Advocates (CRF). She looks up to Mr. Haresh Jagtiani as her mentor and role model and owes her career to him. 

Rosita Fernandes has extensive litigation and non-litigation experience and has represented high profile clients in matrimonial and family disputes, commercial, business and corporate law, property and real estate, civil, criminal, medico-legal and intellectual property rights. She has the rare skill of being able to simplify complex and often vexed legal issues into elementary first principles of law. She is known for her unconventional and pragmatic legal strategies and has the outstanding ability to execute them successfully. The challenging and sensitive issues of child sexual abuse that she has extensively dealt with has created a paradigm shift in the socio-legal arena. The precision with which she drafts pleadings, her confident, poised and assertive arguments, her cutting edge trial skills and her exceptional leadership qualities contribute greatly to CRF’s success as a litigating firm and its growth in the non-litigation sector. 


Matrimonial & Family

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CRF diligently fights to win clients their just due in record time while striving to reach a fair out-of-court settlement.

Business & Corporate 

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CRF handles all types of commercial disputes and successfully guides clients through mediation, arbitration and complex litigation. 

Property and Real Estate

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CRF has extensive experience representing clients in litigation and non-litigation relating to property matters and disputes. 

Criminal Law

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With a strong reputation for persistence and aggressive litigation, CRF handles a broad range of felonies and misdemeanors. 

Medico-legal Cases

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CRF assists in medico-legal cases like suspected homicide/murder, deaths during surgical procedures. 


The following legal processes vary from forum to forum and court to court. For instance, the legal processes in the Family Court broadly include the filing of pleadings, service of summons, counseling, hearing of ad-interim/ interim reliefs, trial stage and final hearing till the matter is finally decreed whereas that in the High Court of appellate jurisdiction broadly include filing of pleadings, service of summons, admission stage and final hearing till the matter is finally decreed. 


Based on the discussion with clients regarding the facts of their case, CRF provides clients with exceptional legal support and a full breadth of resources to help them completely understand the options that are available to them and guides them through all the necessary steps.


CRF is known for its clear, unambiguous, concise, logical and research-and-analysis-based drafting skills. Based on the client requirement/ case, CRF drafts the legal document/ pleadings which is systematically finalized after due approval from the client.


The dispute resolution process in India needs expert supervision and management at every stage in order to obtain timely and effective remedies. CRF diligently represents and guides the client through the complex legal processes in the appropriate forum/court.


"Rosita Fernandes is a Criminal Lawyer par excellence... Always on top of her game, she is well versed in all aspects of Criminal Law. Particularly admirable is her personal involvement in every case, she builds a rapport with her clients and lays strong emphasis on client confidentiality as a result of which her clients are very loyal to her. She deals with her cases aggressively and is highly skilled at drafting and negotiating... truly she is the Queen of the Criminal Court!"

"Rosita is a master strategist and one of the few professionals who breaks down everything so the client can truly understand what's happening at every stage of a case. I am thoroughly satisfied with Adv. Rosita's outstanding work on my case. The cherry on the cake is, of course, her ability to grasp the situation at hand immediately and offer a client a quick and realistic way forward."

“As a client, I found Adv. Rosita to be professionally very ethical in her services. I found her very logical, supportive and reassuring in her approach to my case. I appreciate her drafting of case papers, which focused on the necessary specifics but did not miss the details. She is quite familiar with the family court procedures that saves lot of unnecessary paperwork and heartaches. From day one, I was sure that as my lawyer, she would give me the best possible legal support. Thank you for all the support.”

“Ms. Rosita was brilliant. She was on point with her paperwork, spot on with everything and completely time efficient. Her professionalism, punctuality and in depth knowledge of the subject matter makes her a reliable family lawyer. I highly recommend her.”